Mitigate an Outbreak

Avoid the vast economic and health costs associated with shutting down your business with our comprehensive COVID-19 prevention platform 

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In-person operations are essential to your business. A potential outbreak puts your business at risk of complete shutdown, which poses a massive financial, reputational, and operational threat to the survival of your business. Our comprehensive COVID prevention system for enterprises allows your business to avoid and outbreak and stay open.

How it Works

Automatic Contact Tracing

Trace the potential movement of the virus throughout your business using our automatic contact tracing system powered by smart cards and phones. Using bluetooth-enable technology, our system can track hot spot locations and interactions without associating that data with any employee’s personal info.

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Daily Screening

Ensure your employees aren’t working while sick and putting everyone at risk with daily symptom screening. Community members simply fill out their symptoms for the day and the results are anonymously reported to businesses leaders.

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Risk Assessment

Understand the likelihood of an outbreak with risk assessment. We score different individuals and locations around your business with social distancing scores that inform potential outbreak factors.

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