A team of experts & innovators

We’ve rallied together the smartest people and institutions we know to build an all-in-one COVID safety solution for Universities opening campus this fall.

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About Open+

Open+ is a team of data scientists, artificial intelligence engineers and entrepreneurs with a mission to give universities access to the best technology to combat COVID-19.

We were recently noted as one of the Top 100 startups in the world by MassChallenge, a world-renown startup accelerator in Boston, and we have advisors from both the Innovation Studio at Deloitte Consulting and the Harvard Innovation Lab.


Meet the Team


Tim Hogan


12 years of data science and artificial intelligence experience, founder of CoCode.ai. He spends his free time getting lost in the mountains.


Bobby Kelsey


IBM Technical Sales for Data Science


Shreya Patel

Technical Sales

Former product manager, founder of Team Scoot -- an RFID enabled scooter sharing system. Loves scuba diving.


Sean Johnson


Founder of Ocotal and Stand4, CMO of 2Logical


Robert Lenhard

Sales and Strategy 

Manager of Corporate Sales for a Fortune 100 company


Jack Weiler

Technical Sales and Engineering

Former software engineer in the health care industry. Loves full-stack development and tennis.