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Open Campus Safely

Open+ is an all-in-one COVID-19 prevention solution for university campuses.

How it Works

Open+ uses Smart Campus ID's and machine learning analytics to track, test & isolate COVID on campus.

Reduce testing costs

Open+ is able to identify the risk profile of each student, enabling smarter testing. 


By testing the most risky individuals, you can get the same indication of campus health while testing 90% less people. With each test costing about $150, this can be a big savings.

For those you do need to test, you can order test kits right from the Open+ dashboard.

Contact tracing, made easy

With Open+, you can see exactly who has come in contact with the virus and for how long, down to the minute.

After a positive COVID test, public health officials can instantly notify exposed students via SMS and email notifications.

Student information is encrypted on the backend, so we can notify at-risk students while still protecting their privacy and health data. 

Better, simpler policy decisions

Open+ also provides real time data for making social distancing policy decisions.


With campus heat maps, you're able to see the areas and times on campus where students are gathering, increasing the risk of spread.

Student Affairs leaders can see the impact of their policy changes, like when the dining hall is open or how classes are held.

Personal privacy, without compromising safety 

We track the virus, not the people - using only anonymous and encrypted ID's.


Only a university official can link it to your personal information in the case you or someone with whom you've contacted has tested positive.

Lightning fast set up

We will get Open+ integrated onto your campus within hours. In order to create our network, we need only wall plugs to disperse sensors that will relay data to your real-time dashboard.


With each Smart ID attached to students' school badge, Open+ is up and running with no new wiring or infrastructure.




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